Dear Members,

The 2023 EIHRA board has voted and decided to join with SHRM National on the Dual Membership Release (DMR) program. We will be launching this program on April 8th, 2024.
Why did the EIHRA Board vote to move to this?
• For convenience to our members! This program enables us to jointly sell and renew our Chapter membership along with SHRM’s membership in one transaction with one profile – all of this will be handled by SHRM on their website. Chapters have been asking for this solution for years, and it is finally happening! Chapter members will no longer pay separate Chapter membership dues directly to the Chapter but will instead renew their Chapter membership at the same time that they renew their SHRM membership.
• To increase our chapter’s income and provide YOU more value! By becoming a 100% affiliated Chapter and participating with the DMR program, the annual Chapter Financial Support Program (CFSP) payments SHRM sends to your Chapter to support Chapter programming and member engagement activities increase from $10/member to $30/member.

• To grow our chapter! As you may be aware after Covid our membership numbers have drastically reduced. Before Covid, we were around 150 members and today we have 106 members. By buying directly on the SHRM website, we anticipate our membership numbers will naturally grow and in turn, our income. This will allow EIHRA even MORE opportunities to support YOU, our members.

Renewal Date Alignment: To make this program work, the renewal date of your Chapter membership must be aligned to the renewal date you have on your SHRM membership. The SHRM renewal date will be the only renewal date going forward. This alignment means that on April 8th your chapter membership will automatically either be (1) lengthened so that it lasts as long as your remaining SHRM membership; or (2) shortened so that it is as short as your remaining SHRM membership. Depending on how much your chapter membership is lengthened or shortened to align with your SHRM membership, you may receive a credit or an invoice!
After this one-time alignment, whenever you renew in the future, you will be able to renew both memberships seamlessly and simultaneously!
What if I am not a SHRM member? As part of joining the DMR program all members of EIHRA will need to be a SHRM member by April 8th, 2025. We understand this is a BIG change and affects our non-SHRM members the most. We want to help keep you in our chapter. We will be personally reaching out to each one of you in the next few months to help answer questions as you decide to join SHRM. Since you are a member of EIHRA and not SHRM, SHRM will be offering a 50% discount the first year you join. SHRM offers so many great resources (that can save you those attorney fees!) but these are a few of our favorites.
• The very latest, trusted information on hot HR topics and issues – updated every day!
• Hundreds of templates for policies, job descriptions, and compliance
• Searchable database of quick answers
• HR Knowledge Advisors that are like on-call HR Consultants for your specific questions
• Interactive tools that provide specific laws and benchmarks for the states where your employees work
• And so much more!
We will be sending out more communication in the next few months as we transition.
If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you for your support during this conversion process.

EIHRA board members

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EIHRA is an affiliate of our national organization, the Society of Human Resource Management. Membership in EIHRA is around 200 members and growing. Membership is offered to both national SHRM members and members who wish to belong on a “local only” basis. It is a great benefit to belong to both the local and national organization.

Welcome to our newest EIHRA members!
We are so glad you are here.

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