Workforce Readiness

workforce readiness

Workforce Readiness

Through active engagement in workforce development programs and initiatives, we can address the skills gaps to help ensure that the workforce of the future has the range of skills needed to be successful as they enter the workplace. The Corridor has several partnerships in place to ensure continued workforce development and attraction programs. Important efforts are included below.

The Workforce Readiness Chair monitors and evaluates local activities concerning workforce readiness issues and plans and encourages chapter involvement and activities impacting the workforce readiness arena.


  • Develop and support workshops and seminars that address workforce readiness issues.
  • Partner with local schools, community organizations and government agencies to share information.
  • Identify and evaluate issues that impact workforce readiness and develop goals for Chapter workforce readiness strategy.
  • Serve as a resource for Chapter members on workforce readiness issues and provide leadership to the Chapter on education /training issues.
  • Provide special recognition for Chapter members and for local programs that promote betterment of the local workforce through educational /training process.

Areas of Concentration for 2019:

  • Partner with Junior Achievement and iJag
  • Train members on ESGR and USERRA law
  • Promote participation in Industry Sector Boards
  • Collaborate with Future Ready Iowa Initiative